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Enchanted Forest Sanctuary

Enchanted Forest Sanctuary has beautiful scenery, wildlife viewing, and a fascinating history surrounding a “miniature-canyon”.

This sanctuary located near Titusville is a great place to explore the great outdoors and observe wildlife. The 470 acre forest offers several miles of hiking trails through a variety of habitats including oak scrub, mesic and hydric hammock, wet prairie, and pine flatwood. There is also a nature center which features interactive and educational exhibits.

Enchanted Forest also has a truly unique feature – The Addison/Ellis Canal. Construction began around 1912 on the canal which sought to connect the Saint Johns River and Indian River, and would alter the landscape of the area drastically. The goal was to drain flooded areas to make way for new agricultural lands. The canal would also allow crops to be shipped via boat. The tough coquina rock found underground in the Enchanted Forest proved to be too hard for the equipment to dig through and the project was abandoned. Today the resulting gorge the project created resembles a miniature canyon in the middle of the forest. There are several overlooks of this fascinating historical sight along the hiking trail.

There is no admission fee and the sanctuary is open 9am-5pm. It is important to know Enchanted Forest Sanctuary is closed on Mondays and some holidays, and dogs are not permitted.