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Historic Rocket Launch Scheduled Tonight

SpaceX will be launching a rocket carrying their Crew Dragon capsule late this evening for the first time.

One big perk of living in Central Florida is having the ability to see rocket launches by simply having a clear view to the east. At 2:49AM tonight/tomorrow morning a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is anticipated to blast off from the Kennedy Space Center. The rocket will be carrying SpaceX’s Dragon capsule for its first flight. The capsule will one day launch astronauts into space, but this test flight will only be manned by a mannequin named Ripley (a reference to the main character in the sci-fi classic “Alien” movies).  You can follow the official SpaceX twitter for up to date information on the launch.

You can plan to see the launch by having a clear view of the eastern sky (Kennedy Space Center is roughly 45 miles east of Orlando). Or you can make the drive to one of our favorite free viewing locations found below:

Downtown Titusville and the Space View Park:

Martin Andersen Beachline Espressway Causeway:

The Beach of Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach: